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28 September 2006 (#39), (and before ...)


I've been doing such battle with myself lo these many six years when suddenly today, all about halfway through a Lillet and twist, I realized what was needed.

A mid-life crisis.

Not me, you silly putties, but this country.

The non-ruling faction just needs to check out, buy their figurative Porsche, start wearing inappropriate clothes and start making passes at basically anything that moves.

We've been so concerned with trying to make things better, to bring honor to this country, to attempt some type of damage control. Why bother?

If there is voter fraud or whether 50.000001% of the voting public prefers the current situation: either way we aren't likely to reverse the flow of the Mississippi unless there's some earthquake out there. And even if there is, no sense sitting in the door jamb talking about it -- life's awastin'.

Free love, love beads, reading beads, reading fiction: I've been missing life at the expense of anger and shaking fists against something obviously more powerful (at least in this lifetime for the time being) than I. This huge burden of responsibility: for what? War? The millionaires turning to billionaires? Terror in the heartland for terror's sake? Scorched earth?

And what's even better, not only will we be having a gay old time, but it will really make those in power mad. Imagine, if we dont' spend our time gnashing our teeth and getting red in the face at the latest lie because we are too busy putting it to the cutie next door -- boy, won't they be pissed. Nothing worse than organizing a coup when nobody comes because they got a better offer.

The poor right: the lonely, stable spouse watching the other one self-destruct through hard living and good times. Meanwhile, knitting and keeping the home together they finally snap realizing they got gypped.

They thought we were all in this together so long as they were in charge. But sorry, Alice, this time it really is to the moon. Call me when the earth moves. I'm out for the duration.


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