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    The following series of pages and their attendant questions may seem a bit on the prying side and a bit long, but, my sweet virginal ones, this is a delicate operation that will have ramifications on your psyches for years. Also, Sophia Loren was hardly built in a day.

    You must do your best to fill out as much as you can so that I can best determine your NEW drag name.

    This works as well for the ladies as for the gentlemen.

    Remember, I will choose the best drag name possible for you, often for many this isn't good enough because they come with preconceived notions of Mabels or Clarks or whatevers. If you feel that I have erred either too conservatively or too liberally then feel free to try me again. I've always liked repeaters.

    Take a deep breath - your life is about to Change


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