January 30, 2002 (#30), (and before ...)

My little muffin tins, again it's been so long since we sat and chatted and just for record keeping, yes, indeed it has been over a year.

My how we've changed.

I'm sure you would be completely over my litany of simply darling places I've been, and quite frankly so am I. Except to note that Turkey is a lovely country and if you have the chance... and if you like lamb and yogurt and eggplant (which I adore)... and if you like very handsome men and women (which I do)... then turn your ta-ta's to Constantinople.

But instead, let us turn inward and examine our lives my cookie cutters.

Starting with the death of one of my girls in an untimely and extremely rude automobile accident, the second half of the year didn't start too well. Then all that business in September and unfortunately I was able to see much too much of it all.

Then the war which isn't really war because they aren't prisoners of war even though we are at war. Darlings, what does it mean?

Having my heels X-rayed at every airport, trying to catch the eye of that cute national guardsman over by the security check, who turns out to be that cute national guardswoman...

The french might say I'm a bit "boulversée". I don't look it, do I... aren't you dears not to notice. But I must admit to feeling a bit like an electric wok dropped in the sink of dirty dishes.

"So Trudy", you ponder, "what has woken up from your paralysis brought on by inconceivable events and frustration?" Oh, my jello molds, I suspect it all reached a swirling vortex when the president went on television the other evening to tell me what was going on and how I should think about it.

Here's where I just can't bring myself to do the -- according to current congressional standards -- honorable thing and bravely smile and agree with that man.

Unfortunately, here's where I start to wonder who's running the country? Is it this fraternity boy that can't seem to even remember to chew up his pretzels? Or maybe that other guy - the one with the weak heart... or is it cold heart... hmm... Or maybe it is Enron, or rather, was Enron.

Certainly this government of/by/for the people has taken a nasty turn. The vice president doesn't think he has to tell anyone what went on in his secret meetings... Well, I suppose I wouldn't either. How dare we think we have the right to check up on him. It's not as if he's working for us or whatnot. Lucky boy, just imagine if he'd held onto all that stock. Then he'd be just a poor, rather slight less wealthy Vice President with nothing to protect. Oh, don't mind me, I'm just jealous. I bought solar.

But then again there's hardly a corner of elected officialdom that wasn't touched by Enron money. So they're all keeping pretty quiet, afraid to take a little responsibility. Why be surprised.

Angry, yes I am. I didn't elect this boob and many of the simpletons that came along with him. And I can't stand behind him because he's swinging so hard just trying to connect with something that I'm liable to get popped in the kisser. Holy mother matilda of australia, stop the insanity.

I don't expect many to agree, obviously I'm the insane one as the polls continually tell us that we approve whole-heartedly of what is going on. But as an american I certainly feel it my proud duty to stand up and let everyone know that the emperor is naked. Except I'm beginning to feel that with all the loose morals we hear about, no one cares if he is in the all-together. In fact, some of them are ripping off their togs to get in on the free love. But what a price we pay.

Oh dear, we haven't seen each other for so long and I so wanted this to be pleasant... and edited. Well, maybe next time.