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I love to link to those that can handle it. Send what you can to, and depending on the sage advice of the neighborhood association, I'll reserve your plot, neighbor.

Do what you will and your do will do what it must.
--Trudy, in the Great Plains, mid cocktail, summer 1995

The Data Lounge
Such lovely people.

Heather Needs Men NOW!
There Heather, now stop with the threats! I just can't take any more Nembutals. (HEATHER- I've never heard it referred to as a "convertible!" I broke a hip.)

Blair Magazine
Modern children. Abattoir likes Wayne for obvious intellectual reasons and I'm trying so hard to be "with it."

I hear he's moving to California ... don't they all.

Go Girl!
She wasn't gone! Hurrah! She was only out for rhinoplasty, and it looks so natural. Well done ladies!. Oh, things are looking up already.

Just Click Here
Don't ask and do what I say.

Tangled Web
...having tangled, moves on...

Yossie's Handcuff Collection
Take a tip from Yossie, you should all have a hobby.

Transgender Forum
Information I need to stay connected even from the desert.

The Lipstick Page

Plink the Plastic Surgery Link
An important resource, for my dearest friends, now residing in the Netherlands. I've always gone Dutch.

Hillary's Hair
She seems to have other things on her mind than her hair.


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