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Sugar kitties,

Ouch! It's all these damned mosquitoes. With all this buzzing about and blood-letting, you'd think I'd dropped into a circuit party. Pinch me, and tell me it's all a dream and that working out is the last refuge of the beautiful, but tragically needy. At least I have my dreams, although I am a bit shy on coherence. Luckily we two are so sympatico, you and I.

Bashful and content to merely sit in a corner? Maybe you just want to get to know me better. Well lamb's breath, cry over my childhood.

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Let's not chat about despair,

Dearest TruTru - just a quick check in to make sure you're still... quick. As I find myself typing this with my own fingers I suppose I still am as well. Le sigh. With much love, I remain...

Love and Kisses,
Aquanetta di Seraglio (Mlle.) (Ret.)

[Oh very quick, just a little beleagured or beagled or similar. I seem to always get overrun at the oddest moments. But trust me, I'm here and awaiting your visits which I miss desperately! -T]

Ora, a te impreco, atroce gelosia!,

Last one to utilize this is a rtoetn egg!

There's a liquor store on the corner mother,

[Well, have they gone? I'm afraid to look. -T]

Oh vile kin to Beelzebub...,

Don't you all this the Organising Committee has done a fantastic job in this wenuorfdl event especially hosting this in Penang. We should all give them a Thumbs Up. To all Foreign Bloggers, Welcome to the Pearl of the Orient . This may be the first visit to Penang but definitely not the last. We hope to see you all again on your next visit.

Thank you so much for the cranberry wine,

[I cry out and yet my mouth doesn't move them. -T]

Consecrated Lady,

That's a hardcore comemnt Paul! Glad you've been able to get back to the writing. I think Mars is deliberately a bit over the top in his opinions and style because it helps him stand out, and get people talking about him and his blog posts. I'd say it works pretty well for him, but clearly it's not to everyone's tastes.I guess it depends what you want if you're trying to make a living online as he is (and a lot of his readership probably aspire to doing), then it probably helps to be crystal clear about what it is you do, so that there's no room for confusion. If you're using it more to explore different creative avenues then I don't think it matters as much.

Lift me up sweet Jesus, I'm getting all wet,

[Oh, you said hardcore - I thought you were that Mars fellow the other person was talking about. Personally I always considered Mars a god of war but it's amazing what modern society has made of that. If Mars is trying to make a living online then he has my complete sympathy - especially given his age and hiring prospects. Although I have heard he is rather well put together. -T]

Sell Enron... sell, sell!,

Congratulations Shannon and Mike! and also to the proud grandpa and ngdrama, Josh and Elisa, my dear childhood friends! Now we are all grands!Constance Noel is beautiful! Mike, you'd better get a big shotgun and keep it behind the door, because she is a knockout!May God bless you in your joy as new parents! Love,Regina and Wayne,Desert Hills, Arizona

Phew! Just how many cats do you have?,

[I feel as if I'm in a hospital bed in a coma with everyone talking all around me and yet no one is paying attention to the beep beep beep maching in the corner. -T]

Dites-moi pourquoi...,

Love this! They are absolutely greuoogs, if I do say so myself. Thanks for capturing another moment in their lives. $$$$$$Exactly how much are you willing to spend on this couch there's three pieces all together$$$$$$

Gotta go, the porch light is on!,

[I'm sensing something unpleasant. -T]

Sell Enron... sell, sell!,

Finally a spare morning eptsrnes itself, and chance to do a bit of writing and catch up with what's happening in the online world! Not quite sure what to make of that guy Mars, I think my natural reaction is to get all sarcastic and pretend that he probably isn't right, but that's because he keeps writing luv' and using words like hardcore'.Perhaps I'm naive, but I get the feeling that anyone who's talented enough will naturally gravitate to their thing' regardless, and that that thing' will then evolve over time. I appreciate there are exceptions to any sweeping statement like that, and there might be some very talented people out there who still feel the need to describe themselves as one thing/another/and something else, be it for confidence reasons, or because they genuinely can do all those things.But you can say you're interested in writing' and still struggle through scripts, sketches, fiction, non-fiction etc before settling into a rhythm and actually start developing something (a bit of an auto-biographical example there!), so I would probably suggest his argument is quite flawed. The internet is wonderful in that there are outlets for support and advice (something this blog has offered to me and, clearly, many others too), but it doesn't have to be done in a preaching fashion.Or with repeated uses of the word hardcore'. But if there are people who like advice in that style, then each to their own!Paul recently posted..

Tanti auguri,

[eptsrnes? And yes, I do think you are naive. Perhaps not as much as I am, but certainly enough to notice. -T]

If I had a hammer,

Erin, You did such a beautiful job pntcuriag the pain, frustration, love and joy of the entire event. I just saw Shannon and the baby yesterday at the Birth Center for their one week check up and they were doing great. So here i sit, having just put my makeup on- tears streaming down my face damn, I have to sart all over again but this was worth it!Great job!Regards,Rita Chesney

Love your hat, call you Thursday,

[Really - I though I was done with flashbacks. It's so 60s. And if this isn't a flashback and you're serious you need to invest in higher quality makeup. -T]

Umm, why did I call...,

I just installed a vinyl flake floor in my home gaagre and did not prime first, I just rolled on my colored basecoat, randomly broadcasted the chips and topcoated with epoxy, I am now seeing halos around the chips? what is happening???Dear Anonymous,It is important to wait for the epoxy to flow and begin to react before broadcasting the flakes. If the flakes go on too soon, they may begin to sink into the pigmented epoxy creating the halo effect around the chip edges. Also, you should prime first. Please see the U-Tube on Epoxy Flake Flooring in this Blog.

Tanti auguri,

[Gadzooks, I think Abattoir has been tippling and typing again in my midst. Basecoat and not nail enamel? Epoxy and chipped edges... manicure nightmares? Sweetheart what have you been inhaling? -T]

If I had a hammer,

Hahhhaaa. I'm not too bright today. Great post!

I AM telling the truth, you always believe her,

[Yes, you do seem a little dimmer than usual. Perhaps you should try tomorrow. -T]

[But wait, there's more!]

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