brrrrrrr March 11, 1996 (and more)
And a chilly Monday morning to you...

Well, here we are, half way into March and I am still using the kerosene heater in the back half of the trailer. This is getting to be ridiculous.My pussies are not amused!

The weekend that I decided to put the silver bullet up on blocks and stay in town. I did have lots of fun. I caught up with all the neighbors in the Trailerpark and we had much amusement. On Saturday, I think that the entire Raleighwood Park met to see "The Birdcage". Nathan and Robin were hilarious but the maid (Agador-Spartacus?) stole the movie, in my humble opinion. This was definitely one of those, laugh-out-loud movies. It was a fun night. I nearly spit my junior mints all over Watusi! We started with dinner at Vertigo, then coffee at the Cup-A-Joe Cybercafe (Digiteria) , danced the night away at Legends and ended up having brunch at Humble Pie. I did see Barbi Benton, Watusi, TJ (Actress), Rhonda, and lots of others that night. Noticeable absent were Debbie Reynolds, and Gretchen. Rhonda looked stunning at brunch in her applique' G-105 sweatshirt, a real steal from the Farmers Market!

It seems as if everyone decided to return home last weekend. Tina Tuna was living it up in Miami (South Beach is still recovering)! I have not gotten any reports from Tina but this is usually a good sign. My sources inform me that the weather down there was horrendous so I hope that Tina did not ruin either of her good tube tops!

Randi returned home from Phoenix and DC. He is very excited about his upcoming trips.

Samantha Stevens has been spotted in the bars at Long Beach, CA. Let me tell you, I remember Long Beach and some very nice times that I had there. Yes there is a big naval installation there. Yes, I know...There is a reason for the name of the beach but I blush when I remember...

Sylvia will be returning from Lost Wages soon. While most of us will go there looking for those all night Bingo games and All-U-Can- Eat buffets, that child can find excitement where you would not believe! Little villages in Switzerland and Italy still celebrate "Sylv- Easter" after lent!

Chipperlean and Troyla have returned from Key West. I have not caught all the details but I think that things went well, except for some car problems that Chipperlean had...I think...something fell off of her Volvo...Which is odd, because I think that the child rented bikes. I will get the story later!

Well, I need to run, I have to prepare my Chicken-'n-Pringles casserole for Melrose tonight. I certainly hope that the Piggly Wiggly takes my Discover card this time!

Oh, before I go, there is a possibility that my little news update might be published on the Internet. If any of you feel that you would not like to have you glorious adventures displayed (even coyly) to the world, please let me know! I can work around you (said the plumber to the actress).

It is not what you know, it is who you know! Spring Cleaning is near!