Stayed in town March 26, 1996 (and more)

OK, I'm late, I know that you people wait for your Monday treats much like little puppies waiting for just one scrap from the full table that is Verlene's life. No I was not traveling. I was a good girl and stayed put and revisited friends. So what news of the Park community? Well, let's start at the very beginning...

'Twas a good week.

On Wednesday, I caught myself in the middle of a photo shoot at the pool with the local Swim/polo team. It was painfully pretty! Hmmmmmmm.

Chipperlean had a party on Friday. Apparently I was invited and then uninvited before even knowing that I was invited so I did not take anything personally! She is still my very, ver, best acquaintance.

Chipperlean, Consuela and I celebrated Sylvia's bidet, sorry B-Day, on Saturday. I caught up on all the trashy gossip and stories. Actually, it doth appear that Verlene was the giver of more trash than she receiveth! 'Twas a wonderful night followed by a special viewing of the comet, especially imported for Sylvia by her friends. (I think that she bought that story, in lieu of a present!). Chipperlean was back from that FESTIVE ski-weekend in Lake TaWhore and is sporting a beautiful new doo and earrings! Go, go, go! The "Amsterdam girls" will have another reunion SOON! The Local bar was bizarre but fun. Sunday the "Brunch Bunch" met again and then I had to rush off, straight off, to a dinner party with another group! I move in too many circles! I feel like a spirograph!

OK...who changed the format of my ver favorite new show! The "Jim J. and Tammy Faye Show". Now there is a woman who can work a clinique counter! Ms Frost-'n-Tip! She was a scream, funny and goofy! Tammy was a hoot also! Well, we will see what develops!

Monday! Los Oscars! Verlene had a small gathering in her trailer. The tapas were wonderful but I am not sure that I would repeat the flaming bananas foster! I will never be able to wear that particular wig again! Of course, all the girls in the trailer were frantically trying to switch channels to catch a glimpse of that Steve Kmetko. Black is now my new signature color! What a dreamboat! I can tell that he went to that Jim J. school of hair design and I see BIG potential for a new resident in the park!

Samantha Stevens was reporting for the Trailerpark News in LA for the Oscars and reports that our own local and very Nobel ex- raleighwood trailer resident and anchor of the Fox network was spotted and apparently seems to have no recollection of her trailer roots here in the East. Cannot remember one person place or thing! Need we remind that little beast of a certain incident in the back of one certain Honda! I bet all the memories will come flooding back!

OK, because of the HUGE popularity of my secret Verlene Veracity, here is another...apparently a certain young gentleman who used to live in the park called his ex last weekend and had placed something on a part of his anatomy that could no longer be removed. After trying everything he was told to go to the hospital and get it cut off (the thing, not the anatomy). Remember children! VELCRO!

Well, keep well, I must run, consuela's pot pie is getting cold!

Luv and kisses!