Mad Cow, Moi? April 10, 1996 (and more)
Dear little chicken nuggets!

I'm sorry, I'm late! Child, I had a burger from the Char-Grill and was sure that I had come down with "mad cow" disease. Later I realised that the man behind the screened in order booth had called me a mad cow because of my request for miracle whip...It was a scare that threw me off for two days!

Quick catch up! Two must sees! STOMP was at the Duke campus, yes hons, I know that they are all they rage since the Oscars but I, VL-LaB, had tickets to see them since last November! I shall not be accused of being a follower! Nope! Barbi and I went and had a blast! I was so enspired that I rushed back to the trailer, and threw all my matching cookware (QVC, #981723) into the sink and started to beat, what I thought was, quite a catchy little number. From the looks on both of my cats precious faces, I was wrong! It was a fun night!

Oh, also FARGO is another very strangely great movie and earns an enthuastic Verlene two press-on's up! Thanks for dragging me out TJ (Actress).

Then there was "Kelly and Du", a play that my old beauty school grad, Bolene, and friends Brianna and Granticia took me to. I though that it was a musical about orphans, you know, "The sun will come out tomorrow etc!"...well It was actually a serious play about abortion...thank goodness we had dinner in advance of the play! It was good but deeply disturbing!

OK, enough of this weather! Even the Steeplechase in Hotlanta was frozen out! Yes, I did get an invitation but there was no way that my nipples could take it! My heater is still running, I am going to have to get more kerosene soon! My poor trailer girls in Boston and the North East are still getting 6-10 inches nightly....hey...wait a minute! Of course on the other end of the spectrum, Samantha Stevens reports that Laguna beach is sunny and beautiful! It is becoming very hard to love her!

I did get a notice from Nodic Track to attach some warning labels to my machine, I cannot imagine that I would have any danger from the use of mine! I mean how dangerous could it be to hang my Jacqulyn Smith originals up. Well!

Let us remember to say a small prayer for the Queen of Clinique herself, the one and only, Tammy Faye Baker Messner Fortensky. Colon cancer is not funny, but Tammy, next time, do not wait for an entire year before going to the doctor!

Marcia Zoom Zoom has been out surfing and has retrieved a site for all of us to check out! Your Home for Big Hair, Style as Big as Texas


P.S. What ever happened to those yummy Van Patten boys?