Congo Lines and other naughty things! April 25, 1996 (and more)

Good morning to you all. Yes indeed this is a late entry...It is Thursday and all quiet on the Verlene front.

It had been a solid month since I packed up the silver bullet and took off anywhere so I shoved a few things in my Twirl-a-Girl carry-on, called some of the girls in the park and we decided on a big old road trip. Where could we go? Somewhere without mad cows...

Good Grief, it was time for the Congo Line Festival in Barbados, was it not? Yes folks, Jacquelyn Michaels, Randi (smiley face over the `i'), TJ (Hairdresser to the Stars), Bryaana and Karla joined me at the little trailer in Barbados. It was mainly relaxing, a few moments of tension but we mostly sat out under the shooting stars and Concords and watched the naked young men frolicking in the waves. Verlene kept her clothes on, tan lines are glorious. In addition, I have several rolls of film that say it all...all child...

Since the girls had not visited me in the islands we rented a little Suzuki Van (Hortense) and zoomed around to all the fun spots. I did have to introduce them to the joys of the Triple- Daiquiris at Bert's and that worked better than the Valium or Xanax to relax them on the narrow roads! The Congo Line was indeed fun, we should have checked our newly purchased beach wraps and noted that these were only just a little more concealing than a hospital gown as we pranced down the road, one behind the other! I am glad that I did not borrow the Easter Bonnet hat from Rhonda, that black veil would have been a disaster in the sun and heat. For pics of this years Easter Bonnet parade, check out

We did spend a day on the West Coast of the island mostly to catch up with Fergie (is she still a Princess?) and her yummy wetsuit clad bodyguards/friends/whatever. It was a little awkward with she and me in the same bathing suit (mine being several sizes larger), and neither of us knew who was supposed to curtsey...does a Trailerpark Queen outrank a Divorcee Duchess?

Pavarotti had just had an embarrassing experience on the same beach and had to be hauled out of the water by rope because he was too big to get out on his own. Sweetie, while my trailer is often filled with your melodious voice, a slim fast every other day would not be a bad idea!

Well, exciting news from town! TJ(Actress) has finished her amazing run in Falsettos! It was VERY good and the non- traveling members of the park all went on Sunday. TJ is now shooting a legit movie here in the Triangle with Morgan Freeman, that Judd girl and that cutie Tony Goldwyn. Look for that soon in (non-adult) theaters.

I had originally heard that Rhonda had twisted her foot, recreating an Easy Spirit commercial. Apparently it was her hand that was broken during a vicious badminton session. Get well soon! This might help strengthen that wrist!

Well, gotta run, need to wash the sand out of the swimsuits and put the awning on the back of the trailer in time for company this weekend! See you all for brunch on Sunday!

Love, now and forever!

OH! Before I forget! Thanks to whoever signed me up for a subscription to "Trailer Life" . Please let me know if I need to pay you for this either in cash or my famous Pringle recipes! Thanks!