And where was KC? April 30, 1996 (and more)
Hello Sweet Peas!

Well, first of all let me clear up what was interpreted as a typo in last weeks Trailerpark News. I know that the festival that we all attended in Barbados was the "CongA Line Festival" and I referred to this as the "CongO Line Festival". I was using the male form of the word. I prefer to use the male form sometimes. For those of you who insist, remember, I live in a trailer. I drink, therefore, I am!

OK, so I was sitting at home watching my Carne Wilson workout tape when it occurred to me that I remained in town this past weekend and did not do a darn thing? Knowing that you all wait for some exciting news from town I put Carne on hold and thought and thought and thought...

Oh, I understand that Lisa (not with a Z) had a great party. The 70's theme was a blast and a special appearance was scheduled for KC (yep, of "The Sunshine Band"). Well, I heard that KC called at the last minute and canceled because he had a sold out concert here in Raleighwood. Can you all believe that he lives right here in the neighborhood. Oh, our claim to fame is a Disco Diva and our own in house porn star/dog breeder. We live in a strange place.

Who is Terry Bradshaw? While we were doing the conga line the DJ kept announcing that this "Terry Bradshaw" person was our special guest. He was no guest of Verlene's!

Oh, look, as my horoscope predicted, I have just come into some unexpected money! Discover has raised my credit limit! Now, where should I head off to this weekend?

Well, this will be short and sweet, I gotta run, tickets to book...Rolohantas to call...

PS When did "Tattoos" become "Body Art"?

Hopelessly Devoted!