In Search of shoe laces...Downtown, Downtown! May 6, 1996 (and more)
Hidy ho!

Well, I got home on Friday, after a grueling week at work with the Government and was outside checking the air in the tires on my home when a sudden craving for Spanish overcame yours truly. With the recent windfall of Discover upping my credit limit (forgive them Father, they know not what they do) I thought, golly, lets go somewhere!

Well, I went into the back of the double-wide, found some fresh underwear, put my toothbrush into my purse and zoomed to the airport in time for the departure to London. I had errands to run! Do not give me grief! I needed new shoelaces for my Doctor Martins and neither K-Mart or Pharmor had these. I knew that the outlet in Covent Garden carried these so off I went, in search of shoe laces. I did run into Janet Reno in the airport, looking pretty, but not exactly dainty, in a pink suit. I told her that I admired her gutsy approach to things and I suggested a more flattering hairstyle. We will see if she listened!

Well London was, again wonderful! I got my fill of Spanish! Yum! I saw that Petula Clark was playing Norma Desmond in "Sunset Boulevard" and I thought that I would check out her performance. Yes, I have seen this twice in the past year, but the thought of Petula singing "With one look...Downtown, Downtown" tickled me. She did a fine job but I think that she is a little to short and heavy to really carry that role!

Sunday, it was time to get up and head home! I needed to put on my newly acquired Jackie-O glasses (no, I could not get anything from the auction!) and a scarf (since I managed to misplace my wig, most likely while having Spanish!) to get on board the plane. The wonderful people at American Airlines (my Silver Bullet of the air) managed to put me up in First Class, and convinced me that the charges would not appear on the Discover for another month or so! Wonderful! I love them all!

Well I have to run, my melatonin is about to kick in and I have several large projects to complete! News from the home front! Well, I do know that Samantha Stevens and Watusi are now officially "over". Both are sweet people but transcontinental dating is for the birds! Imagine if it were transatlantic...I guess that only happens to fabulous people. Joanna Lumley turned 50 this week and still looks great! Keep it up Pats! Chipperlean and Sylvia are doing great! Both working hard but they report going to a great dinner party recently. Debbe Reynolds is avoiding the press and keeping a low profile. I went to visit her this week, for the first time in months and I think that things are picking up for her. I understand that Gretchen has her house on the market. Anyone needed a great little place inside the beltline let me know. Pictures are back from Barbados and they are better than expected...I may have to find a place to post some of these for you (the g-rated ones only!) Marci, Marta and the Gals in Nash Vegas are getting ready to "DO" New Orleans...bless them!

On top of the world, looking down on creation...V