Wet and Proud June 11, 1996 (and more)
Well, I'm finally dry!

Sorry, I should have written earlier but I can either plug in the AMIGA OR the dryer in the trailer and I needed to get my gowns dried for work today.

Before I forget! CMF is now online! Thanks to Debbe Reynolds it is http://www.biggwig.com/cmf. It looks marvey! Check it out and send suggestions to Ms Reynolds (just back from a fun filled weekend at the beach! School's out!)

Well it was Pride weekend in the Jesse's State. If that is not an oxymoron I really do not know what is. With thoughts of Helms in mind, I packed up the silver bullet, changed the cat litter (Mao thanked me, Katu is still not sure that I left, bless her retarded soul) and headed out to Winston-Salem with Ms. Rolohantas!

Bless the Good Doctor and the sweet and adorable Consuela for putting me up in the East Wing and bless Chipperlean for showing up and entertaining us all with stories of rude ATM machines and gingerbread men snowboarders! I bless and thank them!

Winston is indeed the home of RJR (ssss, nasty evil cancer cigs) and quite a few people described as having "summer teeth....summer good, and summer rotten". It scared Verlene, but I had to remember that I was there to be Proud! So I was, I do as I am told. I was proud and WET when the good Lord above, decided that it was going to be time for a Noah type storm to rain on our parade! I heard this scream as the rain came down and I saw streams of Clinique flowing down the street! Then things got ugly. Verlene snatched (sorry, there is not a better word) Rolohantas up and dragged our wet, sorry, padded butts back to Raleighwood! I stood up Maya Angelou for dinner but she will get over it.

I did see quite a few of you at the Dance! TJ(Actress) and Erika were there looking mighty fine. Marcia and Ms. Independent were there! Rhonda looked stunning in what I thought was a pretty scarf but turned out to be her drink tickets! Marcia covered me as I went into the two-stepping room but the women and the bears in there made for a HASTY retreat.

It was also marching day in DC. Jacquelyn reports that they also had rain and that people were asking about moi! This is funny since there was a little social event in Toronto at which Verlene's absence was questioned. Child I was in Winston! Proud. There was a sighting of TJ(Hairdresser to the stars) in DC and of our own little friend who dances in socks! Jacquelyn reports also that the Hot Dog stands were quite festive with the new fashion of combo quilt/apron being all the rage.

Watusi, come home now child!

Well, gotta run, the dryer has stopped and maybe I can get to work now!


Award of the day: The designed of the UPS uniform! Never has SO much been done with brown!