Southern Livin' June 17, 1996 (and more)
Hola Chiquitas!

Verlene is all rested up after spending the first glorious weekend in two months in my trailer! It was wonderful catching up with everyone and I appreciate the genuine, sincere hugs and kisses.

Well, since I have not had a Raleighwood update in a while, I thought that I would fill you all in on the happenings in town! Crape Myrtle is moving ahead if you have not checked out the homepage at, please test it. Debbe Reynolds worked that page, applause. Also check out the back of Out magazine for the pretty, pretty ad that that M'amselle Early did! The CMF crew had a fabu time on Thursday at an invitation stuffing party and if you do not receive an invite via snail mail, please know that you can come along anyhow!

Well, I put the pinto on the blocks and decided to use moms El-Camino(Classic) to go out last Saturday night. I had just applied a new treatment of "Glints" (Sunburst) and was feeling a little blond and cherry! Of course, one of the first people I saw was David-gosh-its-been-two-months-I-have-no- clue-who-you-are-Terry. Sylvia restrained me from downing a cocktail on that little PhD. TJ(Actress) was there as was Sissy Heist. Ronda was there but child, busy, busy, busy and pretty in her sundress! Apparently she had quite a weekend and managed to make time for the Hee Haw reunion. I could get no inf. TJ(Hairdresser) was out with Gretchen and Debbe but I could not stick around to see if they were going to make it home without a police escort! I got out of the way when last call was announced!

Sunday night the tribe gathered at Lilly's for pizza and a good dose of "The Vapors". Marcia and Cutie-Pie joined us for the movie "I shot Andy Warhol". Poor Erica Sparkles slept though the entire thing! Oh well!

Well, my Chatter Clique has reported in on the local trailer scene (note, any reference to persons, real or unreal, are imaginary)

On that note, I'm going to run.

Children, a couple of hints:

Sugar candy kisses!