Once a queen, now just a princess July 22, 1996 (and more)

urrrrrrrrmph. There, much better! I always wondered how my mother could remove her bra without taking off her shirt. I have just figured this out. I am pooped! I have just dropped Alana Empty back to the airport for her flight back to Montreal and therefore the last of my trailerguests have left me after a phenomenal weekend of Crape Myrtle Festival XVI!

First of all, let me thank all of you for the extraordinary weekend. This weekend was special, as I am now officially a CMF princess for the next year! I cried and cried as they crowned me with a Crape Myrtle anadem and adorned me with a satin and hot-glued gold-glitter sash. I love you all and hope to prove to be a good princess. I know that Diana has not lived up to HRH title, but I will try! At least I do not have to bear children to an ungrateful troll...oh wait, I have already done that!

Things that I am thankful for this weekend:

Things that I am sorry for this weekend: I have got to go. I have to run three loads in the dishwasher and figure out what to do with a dozen eggs. Oh, hair conditioning time!

I love you! Hurt me!
Princess V (give me a week!)