Eurostar, moi? October 22, 1996 (and more)

Bonjour, tout le Monde!

Driving home on Thursday, I realized the rust/brown color of the Pinto's hood was reflecting the golden trees of Autumn. There was a chill in the air and I said to myself "Self, it's champignon time in France, n'est ce pas?" My gosh, it has been almost 8 months since I was last there!

A quick check of schedules and timetables and I was again "something special in the air". By Friday I was on en route with my champignon basket and a tasteful peasant girl outfit. Kind of a Maria Von Trapp/Jacquelyn Smith ensemble. those of you who know me know that I am a saint (a saint, I tell you). So you will know that I have only been partaking of Paella on recent trips abroad. Well, c'est dommage, but I also have a weakness for a little tartare. I try to resist, but souvent, I must nibble. Do you people have ANY CLUE what I am talking about?

Anyway, my tartare picks me up at Orly Airport on Saturday, and whisks me off to a quiet foret, avec beaucoup de soleil (and me without my Bain de Soleil) and we spent a quiet day wondering the ancient villages in the south of France. The sun dappled between the high trees. The quiet nuns and people on horseback wondered by the mushroom fields! I am wondering about the mushrooms because I think that I got this lecture about how won derful it would be for me to be a mistress! MOI! Apparently it was good enough for Mitterand, so the rest of the country thinks that it is OK! This is French logic, so if you do not understand, it's OK. Huh?

Anyway, I bore you...Paris was lovely when I finally got there. I managed to go out on Saturday night and have a very good time! The lights, the weather, the views! Ah...I was chatting up this pretty young thing at the Banana Bar when I was told, in French, that I was too old to be of interest. Taking a note from the "Book of Chipperlean", I took that moment to pretend that I did not understand that phrase in French. Not to be outsmarted, my PYT went and brought a friend over, who was fluent in English to tell me cette phrase, exactement! I will give it to the French, they know the art of the brush off!

Sunday was parfait! (No, not like they have at Dairy Queen) There is an excellent exhibition at the Musee d'Orsey that you simply must go to! We sat up on the veranda and ate a lovely dejeuner! And then I know...time to get my croissants out of here. My Eurostar journey got me to London in two shakes and I had my Paella for dinner. I love that Chunnel train! My dear (real) brother Don joined me from Manila and we wandered the Soho area until it was time for me to go to my hotel and rest up for the journey home. I was excited, my new Franklin Mint plate is to arrive this week!

Well! And how was your weekend?

Here is your local update (I feel like the Weather Channel): Rolos new web address is finally correct!

Leeza, is mothering and nuturing. She means well, give her a break!

Marcia et Marta report from NashVegas that the entire Family crammed into the Datsun for a visit. I personally am wondering if all of the people exist. Marcia has more e-mail addresses than Sybil! I think it is time to up the medication!

Sylvia has left for the month...Rome better be ready for her!

Velour-ly yours
Platinum Verlene!

P.S. I am in town this weekend, write me at, Anyone for the State Fair?

*And I say "I'm afraid to look."