wild bunnies and other scary things! October 28, 1996 (and more)


And now that I have your attention! How is everyone! Welcome to the special Halloween issue of the TrailerPark News.

Believe it or not. I spent the weekend in the double wide, in Cary and I saw some scary, scary things! (Is this another reason to travel like I do?)

First of all (and the most scary) I went to lunch on Saturday with TJ(HRH CMQ XVI)...now what is scary about that? Well we went to eat at the unofficial campaign headquarters of the evil Jesse Helms... hsssssssssss. The pharmacy at five points in Raleigh is home to the local GOP idiots. Over our sweetened tea, we plotted our evening on the town and caught up with all the gossip. The mini-van driving, stroller toting, sweat-shirted soccer moms gave us hushed stares and stayed far from our little table. I think that our little silent protest did not go unnoticed. Time for more drastic action! Please remember to VOTE, and if you need a ride to the polling station, I can crank up the Pinto and run ya over!

Well, we went out that night...pumpkins it was FUN! Ms. TJ (see above) was this dainty French maid and I dressed up in the scariest thing I could think of...moi in athletic garb...I scared myself. I did leave my I-heart-Jesus scarf at home, I just could not work it in. Gosh there were so many great costumes and drunken half undressed gentlemen. I thank God I was the designated driver! Bless Marcia "Chicken-Lady" Zoom Zoom, Cutie Pie, Brianna and Karla and all those who gave me lots of hugs and kisses. So that was scary thing #2.

Sunday, (after getting a call from France to remind me to set all my cloches correctly, merci Francois, now stop calling). I got invited to sit, quietly, in a conservative southern Baptist church as support for Leeza's daughter's baptism. Scary thing #3. I graciously declined, mumbling about dental work that I needed to have done that would be less painfull.

Finally Scary thing #4: Sunday night, I cooked dinner for the other T.J. (Actress) and new Beau, Thor-azine. During this fancy dinner (that I used to premiere my new pottery from the islands and my Franklin Mint plate collection), my cat decided to bring in, as a present, a wild bunny. Not a cute little baby bunny, oh no!, a HUGE wild (probably rabid) rabbit. She released bunny this at the feet of my guests at the dinner table!

As the Bunny tried to make a break for it, I am sure that you can imagine the shrieks, squeals, screams, hysterical crying, the nellie waving of arms! My guests also were upset! All I could think is...what would Martha Stewart do here? While I was sure that she would have whipped up a quick and easy recipe for "Lapin en Croq", I managed to set free bunny, scold my puss and return to the now pale and shaken guests to offer desert and coffee. Thank you valium.

Well, these are the things that scared me this weekend...how was yours? Any of you sat on a bed and broke it recently? Call, write, tell me! I won't tell a soul!

Well time to run, work is a-piling up! Remember that you can write me at verlene@datalounge. I'll try and respond on my cigarette breaks!

Valium Verlene

Hey: You know that there are certain phrases that your mother would never have expected you to hear in your life...well add "Can you hold my wallet and lipstick" to that list!...do you have OTHERS to add...hmmm...maybe a competition is in the works...send me your entries, I'll publish them and you can vote on a winner! Ciao!