A visit to "Nahunta Pork Outlet" December 3, 1996 (and more)

Hi, my Butter Balls!

Thank goodness, round one of the holiday season is over. If I can just through Christmas, I will be doing very well! I am all settled into the new job. I am training on how to use the headset this afternoon, so soon I may be taking your drive through orders. This new job is great! All the snacks that I can handle.

So, how was everyone's Turkey Day? I got a series of slurred and confused notes from NashVegas. Apparently our sisters in the park there decided for the traditional southern liquid Thanksgiving feast! The letters got more and more humorous, and less and less coherent, as the weekend wore on!

I spent the day over at my Lebanese friends (the ones with the great garage). They had been up since 5:30 in the morning "in flannel shirts, with turkey basters" ...I did not ask. It is funny how a couple of drinks can make an afternoon of Charades! Sylvia and I are still wondering who made cranberry pie! Yum.

The following day, my old beauty school roommate Shaniqua, showed up in town. She is so pretty and tall. I guess that I love her! At 6'6" and in 2 inch heels she caused quite a stir at the cha cha palace! Suddenly I had lots of friends! We went out shopping for a new computer for moi and nearly got in trouble as we were caught staring at things other than the merchandise. Thanks to Brianna for helping me "hook up" my lovely new "Hazel".

The next morning, Shaniqua and I headed out to the Farmer's Market. Ronda had warned me, but I have never seen such an assortment of home perms, acid washed jeans and applique' sweatshirts! We ate at the restaurant where pictures of General Lee, and his horse "Traveler" were proudly displayed next to pictures of people picking cotton and the confederate flag. I thought that we had stepped back in time about 100 years! TJ (HRH CMQ XV) asked "who's the guy with the horse" and was nearly escorted out of the restaurant. Then we pulled on our hats and headed to "Nahunta Pork Outlet" for some country ham...salt city!

The trailerpark did meet and see "101 Dalmatians" and "The English Patient"...mixed reviews on the Dalmatians but I loved the patient! Ralph (pronounce as you would like to) can wear some linen shorts!

Well, until I figure out how all of this is going to work...I will be signing off. Time to go! Be good everyone!

Red Vel-Vet