It's so nice to have you back where you belong! December 9, 1996 (and more)

Well hello Dearies!

Raleighwood this week was the stage for the one and only Carol Channing in "Hello Dolly"! Verl, TJ (actress), Thorazine and Rhonda, got all adorned and saw the old gal on Sunday! I did enjoy this immensely! It was a hysterical play with Carol's once peppy dance routines now looking like a low-impact aerobics number. Maybe if she just dropped that large handbag. I have never seen anything that big. I know that several of the standing ovations were simply because Carol hiked up her skirt and made it from stage left to stage right. But give the old thing credit, I am not sure that I will be that sprightly when I am her age! I'm not sure that I am that sprightly now! My fave line: "Dish wroom ish jusch crawing witsh men!" Loved you Carol!

What an exciting week in the Trailerpark! My first week of work was phenomenal. It is nice to have a boss who invites you in to his office to share a nice bottle of, now...there is nothing dirty going on! I have taken a vow to try harder next year to bring a little class to this neck of the park! I seemed to have joined quite a party company. Our Christmas fete was a riot with an open bar all night. I was relaxed but LET ME TELL YOU...when you become a bridesmaid and people tell you that you can wear that dress again...DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! Anything with big, puffy sleeves is a dead giveaway! No one fell into the pool, of course with those sleeves acting as water-wings, I would have been fine!

Speaking of looking like crud! Could Madonna look any worse last week? Girl? You tried this look once before at that party we were at in Miami about 2 years ago. It did not work then, and does not work now. Of course, if I had just delivered, I may be singing a different tune!

On a serious note: Mary Fisher (the HIV positive mother who talked at the Republican conventions) talked to us for the AIDS walk on Saturday in Town. The queen SuzyP (HRH CMQ XVI) and TJ (HRH CMQ XV) and a few of us ladies in waiting were all moved to tears. God, let this be over soon!

Chipperlean, thanks for the lovely dinner. I will reciprocate (or at least get you my Pringles and Chicken recipe). Rhonda, I am sorry I missed your choral event! Sylvia, reschedule? Debbe, did you go to Miami? Jackie, get well soon, you will look much younger when the bandages come off!

Well, time for the Martha Stewart and Kathie Lee Christmas specials...I am trying to raise myself up by the bra-straps. When in heavens name am I supposed to shop...Oh wait...QVC!

Marcia, Islands?

Lots of Love
and remember your credit limit!

Tickle-Me Verlene!

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