...See you next year, babes! December 16, 1996 (and more)

My precious little eggnogs!

Brianna and I are sitting in the back of the trailer composing this week's newsletter. The blender has been going all night and I am not sure where my pusses are! I hope that the two events are not related!

Bless the season. And bless all of you in my trailerpark (local and extended). This is the time of year that I truly get to see who the tackiest of you are. I thought that the couple next door would win this year. They have some lovely wooden deer (white) with big (and I mean BIG) red bows in the front yard. As if any real deer would be caught dead in that color and outfit. Of course they have matched their window sills with a lovely string of red, flashing lights. But, Brianna and Karla found the winner for me. They have (no lie) a big sign up off the state road pointing to their house with the "Drive Through Nativity Scene". They win a sample pack of Pringles and Cheetos and dry margarita mix.

News from the world: What is all this talk on the Internet that we have "Won the war". I am not sure what is going on with AIDS. But you know that I am very happy to hear of anything that involves a "Cocktail" of anything...for a good cause. Please remember...if you are going to Party, wear a Party hat! (Or, Mme. J. Chien...a fashionable beret!)

'Tis the season for social events. Verl dragged (drugged) her tired self and even more tired pinto all over town this weekend with her Karen Carpenter Christmas tape blaring from the one good working speaker. The Raleighwood social scene was a-feverish this weekend. I spent most of the weekend with a drink in one hand and a sugar cookie in the other. I apologize for several things:

There are however several things that I am grateful about in this season:

Well Gals! This is the old Verl (and Associate Editor, Brianna) signing off for the year. I will be packing my twirl-a-girl and heading to the islands for the traditional champagne and tequila party. You will not be hearing from me until the new year. I hope that you all have a wonderful, sensational time in what ever you do. Please write me at Verlene@datalounge.com and let me know all about your resolutions.

I loVe you all, (really)

And to all, a good night!

Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!