Lulu's Back in Town January 21, 1997 (and more)


Happy new Year

I made it though the season. It is time to return from my fantasy island to the little trailer, do my laundry and feed my pusses.

First of all, thank you all for sending all the cards, food baskets and to the mystery person who sent the lovely bulbs (narcissus), please own up. It is driving me crazy that I do not know to whom to send the card and accompanying fruitcake. I also want to thank all of you people who sent me those lovely Eckerd photo cards of you and your families. I now have a love collection of unknown children on my refrigerator, a reminder of my barren state. Thanks.

Barbados was, as usual, wonderful. 'Tis the time of year that I get to really kick off the trailer clothes, and pretend that I live the glamorous life. Mom and Dad saw me for two days and then left to go skiing in Switzerland. I had the house, cars and liquor cabinet all to myself. I was happy! I was even happier to meet Rupert Graves and friend at the beach every day. They had flown down next to me (yes, first class, you can make up the fare difference in cocktails) and are quite the little charmers! Brad Pitt was supposedly in the island but quite elusive. I was sure that he would be at the fashion show at Lord and Lady Bamford's house (if you want to call it that) but he was evasive. Yasmine LeBon was everywhere!

Oh, those warm tropical nights with lots of Hollywood types, theater producers, ambassadors and German windsurfers, all back-lit by flambeaus and shots of b-52's. It does a body good.

Alana Empty and I quite terrorized the island but her little friends were much luckier than we have ever been! We did attend (OK...crash) the opening of a new bar in the island for local members of the Trailer Park. I think Alana went back every night and had Italian. Bolonoese to be exact! Tramp! My sweet cousin Veronica kept us entertained and had a lovely party at the Haitian Ambassadors place to ring in their independence day!

Old Years Night (New Years Eve, to the uncouth) was just lovely. A great little street party started with lots of Champers (Veuve Cliquot, served in a simple Baccarat glass) and merry making.

I danced with Molly Ringwald and Julian Lennon and did not spill a drop of my drink! (truthfully, by this time I was drinking Champagne from a bottle). I was doing just fine until my brother and sister-in-law got off of the wall that they were standing on and came over to tell me that I looked dumb in the little tiara that I had so careful chosen to wear that night.


So, I did promise to try and bring a little culture to the trailer park this year so we are going to have a short lesson on "Bucks Fizz".

Among the hoity-toity Concord-Crowd, you will simply get stared at while asking for a "mimosa". These people drink "Bucks Fizz" which is Champagne and Orange Juice. But wait it gets more confusing than driving on the other side of the road!

There is a non-alcoholic version that is Orange Juice and "lemonade". But "lemonade" to them is "7-UP" and not what THEY would call a "lemon squash".

Well, thus ends our first lesson in culture. The next time you are hob nobbing with Rupert Graves (or simply staring at his speedo) and he asks for a Bucks will know, and you won't run giggling from the room.

I must run, my pumps, (dyed to match my outfit) are still slightly damp with champagne and I will have to clean them!

Be good and remember that we are all beautiful people!

Very ready for '97!

(write me at want to hear all about what you did!)