lets try again! I'll be better this time... January 27, 1997 (and more)

...there, the casserole dishes are finally all washed and I am going to sit down and catch up with my trailer neighbors.

Yes, I am fully aware that my updates have not been the quite as regular as Chipperlean’s visits to the lake, but I have been busy! I suddenly found myself attached to so many committees! My filofax was a-brimming with Post-ITs and swatches and I was fighting a post Caribbean depression! The mood and the tan were both fading...not a pretty sight.

I managed to plummet back into the social scene at the trailer park. Lunch at “Melba’s” in Carywood re-acclimatized myself to the reality of the Park. One week I am sitting on the beach, with my wide brimmed hat and a “Buck’s Fizz”. The next week, I am reading the menu off the paneled wall, while realizing that I am the only person at “Melba’s” who does not have my name tag, embroidered, on my ample bosom.

Feeling a little gloomy, I doubled up on my Prozac, washed it down with my sweet tea, and went home to prepare for the weekend!

Oh, when the winds of change blow up your skirt, you smile and well...just nod knowingly.

What a weekend it was! I dare not repeat all the details (due to some naughty things that happened on the dance floor) but let us just say that your girl did the Trailerpark proud. The formal birthday party for Elaine Goddess, (Ms. Australia, first runner up) was quite an event! Black tie, traditional Australian fruitcake and more queens than I have ever seen! (five HRH CMQs in one room!)

I am not exactly sure what happened. I do know that, for the entire night, I clung tightly to the champagne and that fetching flight attendant for our soon-to-be-striking airline! I pulled the pinto back under the cover way, with a pocket full of telephone numbers and dinner pledges!

Oh! I do need to rent formal wear more often!

Well, enough about me! I am waiting to hear from all of you! Please write me at Verlene@datalounge.com.

OK culture lesson!

Do not bust into hysterical laughter when ordering a “Snackbox” or “Snausages” in Barbados. I have to tell you that having your own snackbox is quite easy! I must admit that I had a large snackbox. Tee hee!

OK, enough said.

Please everyone, let me know what you have been up to? You may want to check out the grandest diva on page 183 of this months WIRED magazine. She deserves a snackbox!

Good news! Sylvia got tenure! Congrats! Jacquelyn is entrenched in the hills of San Francisco! Marcia is coming over for veggie dinner on on Wednesday and the special olympics (with those cure coaches) has started back! Alana Empty is going back to Sydney for Mardi Gras...hate her, please!

I do have to run. Where is my darn passport? You’ve got it! Stay tuned...