Freezing my Poutine! February 3, 1997 (and more) step, baby step...swish...ahhhh...thump!

There I was, sitting in the middle of the street in downtown Montreal, my wig all crazy and my purse, pressed up under my skirt. No one laughed, no one came to my assistance, and I think that I did get a 5.9 from the Romanian judge.

"Sure, come on up and visit," said Alana Empty, "the only thing is, that I might have to go to Bermuda." OK, jus' dis' Verlene! (sorry, I finally got my "Hooked on Ebonics" tapes). Plus, I figured that with the exchange rate, my age should be 30% lower and that has got to be a plus!

Thus, I pulled the full length rabbit out of storage and arrived in the Cite' in a cloud of Jovan and cert breath mints. What I was promised as "light snow" turned into something looking like the set for Dr. Zhivago! There was more snow than in the bathrooms of our local nightclubs!

But who did I bump into in Montreal? Amanda B. Wreckonwith joined me for a fun evening of conversation and in search of "poutine"! Amanda drove up from Burlington to meet some man that she met at a rest stop in New Hampshire (I really did not want the details) and to get a new pair of pumps! She looked lovely, and quite slender! We shared a lovely snowy walk in the old city and fun times. We are both still wondering what "poil" is? Anyone has the answer?

Of course, the highlight of the evening was spent by both of us at the do I put this..clubs avec danseurs nus...Bless Montreal and the fine gentlemen who, thanks to the generosity of Amanda and I, will be able to finish their high school equivalency. Also thanks to Amanda for confirming that I did have alcohol in my drink! With the French accent, I was not sure exactly what I had ordered. Amanda did confirm that it contained alcohol, I am beginning to worry that I cannot even taste the stuff! I will admit that I did fall in love at the Campus, until I realized that for just $200 I could be a lot more in love. I saved my money! You would be proud! Lead us not into temptation...

OH! Congrats to Debbe Reynolds! She getting domestic partner benefits at American Airlines, I just bet that these are better than waffle house benefits that she will be loosing! Sylvia, found out his last name yet? We can chat at the cookout! Brianna and Karla moving to Dallas, girls, Texas is not always bigger! T.J. (Actress) and Rhonda living together. The last time I saw them they were fighting over the right shade of Apricot paint for the ceiling. I hope that I get invited to the new double wide soon!

Well, that's the buzzer, my sheets are done!

au reVoir!