I do not look good in vertical stripes March 3, 1997 (and more)

Hi my little lent lambs? Still abstaining?

So what has been going on? Right! Things have been heating up here in the trailerpark! I have been laying low, sitting on the back canopy watching the excitement through the gazing ball. My cocktail brimmeth over! Where to start?

Well, first of all. It appears that the entire group of the really pretty boys are moving out of the Raleighwood trailerpark. Now these are not the Playtex gals (no visible means of support), these are the pretty shirtless crew. I do not know what I am going to stare at, through the bottom of my margarita glass, when I go out to the bar now. It is just a really pity that we still have so many gnats around.

Now, and this is the TrailerPark News scoop. Apparently the "Bon Voyage" party got a little out of hand with a couple of the guests being taken downtown in the back of a police car. I am sure that they looked stunning in their handcuffs as those boys can wear anything! This is a really pity, but let me warn you all to watch what you are doing in the parking lot! (Unless you have a bottle of champagne and a knowing nod from the a Persian prince).

Well this brought up the interesting question of what is going on with the rest of the park that has moved away. Well Marianne Merced reported in from Nash Vegas. I am not exactly sure that I have all the details, but she is out of the double wide and in a much smaller trailer. I thought that things were going so well after she became the first lady of "CarpetLand". She really has suffered since her time here in Raleighwood (her dark period). Marta! Help her!

Bolene and her beau seem to be doing well. I got the sweetest valentines card from her, I think that she is teaching at a Beauty School in Pennsylvania. (Advanced Perms and Colors, or something like that)

Veronica, I am planning a visit soon. I will fill in the details later, but it involves a large Italian man! Samantha? Little old ladies in Pasadena can still write! The crowd from down under are wondering. Amanda, one of your friends, a very pleasant gentleman called on me at the trailer. I was just out of the shower so I did could not talk long, please tell him to call back!

OK, let us pause for a moment and consider the repercussions of cloning! Can you imagine a world with more Verlenes? I do not think that we have enough faux fur and tequila to support more that one of us!

On another note, we now have a "morning after pill". Now maybe they can work on a pill to guarantee "the night before". Sigh.

Before I go, a quick theatre update: "Having Our Say" was a wonderful treat with TJ(actress), Thorlene, Waysnelda, Ms. Vivid and Ms. Zoom-Zoom. "Death of Poppa" was OK in its pre-broadway release run in Chapel Hill. Matthew Broderick was unfortunately very missable (and trust me, I never thought I would say that!)

Keep well, and please write me at Verlene@datalounge.com, I need to know that you are OK! And remember to stay out of trouble (and jail!)...

Vraiment Verlene