All this on a polo field April 2, 1997 (and more)

Oh solo mio!

Greetings Park denizens! Yours Verly is back from a glorious tropical Easter. Last Thursday, I packed up the twirl-a-girl carry on, grabbed my I-Heart-Jesus travel scarf, and winged my way down to the islands for a quick visit and concert with the only, greatest tenor in the world, Mr. Luciano Pavarotti.

Oh! Well, Mr. P is looking well. He seems to have lost some weight and his English is so much better than the last time. It was a glorious evening under the stars and comets, on the polo grounds. Movie stars, sports celebs and government officials...but you know me, not one to name drop! I am sure that you can all read about it in the society section of „Helloš magazine! I did get a lovely air kiss from the US ambassador to Barbados. She is from Raleighwood and loves to catch up the news from the trailer park!

Some thoughts on the evening!

Well gotta run! Debbe, I am a little worried about you, please write. Your job as a web designer and sudden move to San Diego has me a little scared! Gretchen (who was on the plane with me to Miami), is also a little concerned! Happy birthday to all of you and write me at with the latest gossip! Local news next week? Maybe! Thanks for the fun time Veronica!

Vocally yours,