Yup, still seeing the Comet! April 14, 1997 (and more)

Yea! I finally got leid!

Well, not exactly what I had planned but I know that you are all worried about me. I started to worry about myself when I found myself seriously reading the "Prisoners Looking For Friends" section of the personals. Time to get out there! If Ellen can do it, so can I!

I checked the shape of my container and thought that it was time for a trip to the "Queen City" of Charlotte. (Airport code: CLT, pronounced like it sounds).

The Occasion: The birthday of the cutest twins around (I can't tell their age but let us just say that I added up the ages and got them a 80th Card, you do the math) Laritica and Garitica of the West-Virginia Adamses.

The Charlotte Queens know how to throw a party. While the imported flowers and bamboo were terrific, I thought I was back in the islands with the large, homemade fake coconut trees (faux-conuts?). Nearly everyone headed directly to the beer boat (a real boat full of beer and drinks) but I stayed on the dock with my best friend Margarita. Entertaining the troops and neighbors! Do not ask, I won't tell! And not a single drop of acid washed jeans or goatees in sight!

It is true that Charlotte will not be supporting the Funding for the Arts, and the decorative talent that went into that lake house would have gotten us all arrested! I live on that edge!

The Good Doctor amused us with his amazing altzeimers imitation. Consuela, you were a saint for driving those gals back. I think that I had a good time, I woke up with a strange woman at the Holiday Inn Express (It's like a Holiday Inn, but with less amenities, if you can imagine that!) We exchanged pleasantries over bad coffee and stale bagelettes. Just in time for lunch and a rush back in the new convertible (not mine!)

For those of you are interested, there was not a sighting of Tammy-Faye or Heritige Park!

I had better go and check the stack of invitations to see where I need to be going to next week. Write me and tell me what you have been up too. Verlene@datalounge.com.

Well time for the meeting. "...hello, my name is Verlene"

Fresh and Full of Life