After the wedding...steal everything. April 24, 1997 (and more)

checking, checking, checking..."I am traveling this weekend?" Magic Ball: Outlook good!

Oh...OK, I had to be in Florida last weekend! So I disentangled myself from the mess that has become my existence in Raleighwood and headed down to the warmth and blue haired comfort of Boca Raton! Where men are old, cars are slow, and my mother's hair stuck out of the sun roof.

I was at your typical high society West Indian wedding with the rich and famous of the islands gathering to display excesses that they all think the Trumps have. The mother of the bride had taken the time to have a face lift and add a room onto the house but seemed to have neglected to get some dress shopping help. She looked exactly like our very own drag diva, Gena Lotramin. Sweetie, do not greet me the next day, and exclaim, over an air kiss, "I'm exhausted, see the dark circles?" I recognize the work of a good surgery job from a hundred paces!

Well, the church was an explosion of white roses (mostly wilted) and very Catholic. Funny that the "mixing of water and wine" seems to now mean, wine with just a touch of water! Our own holy spritzer! I did enjoy the fact that they did not have a life sized Jesus mannequin nailed to the cross, stigmata all-a-mess. This church did have a nice positive scene of the Lord ascending to heaven. The wires were a clear giveaway, and I was expecting Mary Martin to swoop in and join Jesus in a chorus of "I'm flying...way up high, in the sky...flying" (forgive me father, for I have sinned.) Ling, thanks for being my date!

I looked splendid in my freshly purchased T.J.Maxx separates ensemble and I did not drink any of the cheap champagne, reserved for the masses (I knew where the good stuff was kept, but would not sink to that level!) Trudy, we love our old widow. I may live in a trailer...but I know better!

Well enough about the wedding. News from around the trailerpark!

The Annual Evening with Friends dinner extravaganza is barreling ahead with fun and festivities. I hated the fact that I had to miss the big "A-list" functions because I was out of town! Darn.

Debe was back in town. He is returning to the compound in San Diego. Prey for her!

I am expecting guests from the NYC A-list to the trailerpark, I guess I need to put away all the pet fresh deodorizer and baking soda and anything else white and powdery.

Ohhhh...A certain secret romance has been brewing for a couple of months that yours truly has been privy too...check this that they have decided to come clean, Verl's sources find out that one of the secret partners is dating other people at the same time...scandal

Alana is now living in NYC! I called but some young gentleman was knocking at her door, so I left well enough alone! Remember Pookie?

Keep warm, and to all the Midwest gals...keep dry! Just a parting thought, but what do you think I would look like in a kimono? Just asking! You never know!

Veuve Verlene!

Go see "Chasing Amy"...cute! And write me, in the datalounge, during my drinking hours, noon to seven!