I chose freedom, running around, trying everything new May 22, 1997 (and more)

People of the Park, I love you! ...Now leave me alone

"I chose freedom, running around, trying everything new"
Verlene - Deck of the "Trailer Rosada", Pre-Memorial Day, 1997.

Kids, I have been busy. I do have a life and I have been terribly remiss about keeping all of you updated. So, settle in, grab a freshly brewed tea, a sprig of mint, and let me fill you in on the news about town!

First of all, I suddenly realized that I have turned into this nelly old thing. A weekend of opera with Sylvia, antiqueing with TJ (HRH CMQ XV), show tunes with TJ (Actress), combined with a quick trip to Washington with my senator, scared the old gal into a tizz! (Tina, sorry I did not call, the Senator was only there for the day) Then I sat through a bridal shower for Leeza...(lovely) what was becoming of me. Could suburbia be just down that cul-de-sac?

What happened to that old "joi de Verlene". That old "je ne sais quoi" that would let me get up and do fun things? I have to make a few changes.

So, I did! I checked with Bill and Hillary and noted that they were going to be down in my old stomping grounds of Barbados. That meant that all of those handsome Marines would be in my homeland, where rum is cheap, and so are most of my friends! So, off I went, jetting down to arrive only 10 minutes after Air Force One (a name that could take on a WHOLE different meaning in my little world!) Our plane was just crammed with handsome Secret Service men, but I sat quietly and sipped my Amaretto Sour trying to look aloof, yet available.

Marcia and Rhonda, thanks for taking care of my puss!

The island proved to be just as exciting as expected, with a highlight of The Duchess Linsey sharing several ultra revealing pictures of her last Jacuzzi parties. The young US coast guard chaps proved the prowess of their "cutters". Sigh, I miss the old days. The Vitamin R was beginning to take effect.

I rushed home and ran around all over the place, much like that blond fool in that ubiquitous "Riverdance" video. I have to pack again and head out to Asia. Feed the fish, help yourself to anything in the fridge, I'll call soon!

Verlene, with "Something Special in the Air"