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Living on the B-List February 19, 2001 (and more)

Oh my fellow fallen angels! I am so terribly sorry but the Iridium phone has been on the blink and I am still in Asia! Can you imagine! It's difficult to find D-size batteries and when I do, they have other more important uses. So I have not called. Get over it.

It's nearly been well over a year since I gave my last Verlene update and so very much has happened!

So...very much! However, let's just pretend that we have not chatted in a week or two, give each other a high-and-to-the-right air kiss and break open the Pepperidge Farm cookies.


I am definitely living life on the "B" list. I started to write this from icky Seoul! The barking (of what will probably be my breakfast) had awakened me and it was way too early to start to drink, so I thought that I should spend a momentito to give everyone a big group hug!

So what exactly is fabulous? It's been over three years since I put my Sears-Best into storage and hitched the trailer up to the Asian Bandwagon.

Much like a saffron wrapped monk, I gave it all up, the glamour, the high life (but not the high-lights), and the promise of that Crape Myrtle Crown.

Blissfully I have freed myself from that A-list and moved to the B-list.

Yea, so I am reporting on my B-list. Bangkok, Boracay, Bali, Bombay, Beijing, Bequia, Bintan, Barcelona, Barbados, and Brazil have all been on my agenda for the last year or so. While these locales are not on the social agenda for the old Raleighwood crowd, I will admit that I find them quite fulfilling.

I have been spending a lot of time in Bangkok. (imagine that!) Your Verly has managed to entangle herself in the makings of a story that would rival the plot of several of Jackie Collins' page-turners. Because of the fear of certain Berliners (there is that darn B location again) I can't go into too many details but just be careful of anyone saying "me love you looooong time?"

In Bangkok, I got dragged down to someplace called "The Pier" (which left me with visions of the seedy piers in NYC near to Dusty's house, but no, no, no) this was most incredible little place on the Chao Praya River (the River of Kings, a must for the Queen) in the middle of Bangkok!

Picture moi, right next to the Royal Palace (another must for the Queen!), which was brilliantly lit at night, and across the river was a view of the Temple of the Dawn, another breathtaking setting. Young men, drenched in sweat ran back and forth bringing ice and mixers to yours Verly. And Jodie Foster was nowhere to be seen!

Ah, the river flowed under our feet and the alcohol flowed over our lips and love was in the hair. Magic...but I did meet my Prince Charming...but we will see if this one lasts longer than TJ (Actress)'s attention span.

...Bombay however is quite a different story!

Close your eyes and try to picture this: Imagine living life inside of a septic tank.

There! You have now experienced Bombay. Actually the rest of India is not much better! GO! Go! Go there if your idea of a vacation is sitting in a sweltering dusty little contraption that VAGUELY resembles a 1950 Chevy with the word "Taxi" painted onto the side as one of the only things that would possibly identify this as a means of transportation. Let me tell you that, getting stuck in one of those things, behind an elephant with a case of diarrhea. It's not pretty.

These Indians cannot air-condition a car, but they can build a nuclear weapon and point it at their neighbor. Talk about a scary place. The poverty is so so horrible...the people suffering from a complete lack of self worth (or fashion sense). Trust me, it is worse than any midnight shopper at any Wal-Mart in the US.

Now, the true art of being fabulous is being able to balance in week in Bombay with an Around the World First Class trip to including Boracay in the Philippines. A spectacular little island a far far way away from the Manila-Madness! Be careful in Boracay though, you order a virgin bloody Mary on the rocks, and get a bloody Virgin Mary on the rocks! They are so catholic! Scared Mommy! However, (and this is just a hint) walk to the end of the beach and ask for a beach chair from a cutie named "Jo". I say no more (because you know me).

Do not let me fool you, Manila can be so much fun too. Where else can you now visit the Imelda Marcos Shoe Museum? A certain evening pops into mind! Me, all gussied-up, packed into a Taxi, with 6 new fiends (some available for "charter"), a rooftop dinner prepared in my honor and "performers" at one of the local bars, doing a special (and highly illegal) request. If nothing else, it's the friendliest place on earth!

Speaking of fun times, let's chat about New Years in Brazil!!! I know, it's so passˇ but pass the pate and get comfy. As they say in the south "I am about to spill some Tea".

Loved it (thanks Alana) and while I am thanking people, thanks Dusty for the block long Limo with fiber optic lights-of-colour that twinkled us off to Kennedy Airport for our flight to the Rio. The epitome of Fabulosity.

As for the New Years midnight!!!! Well picture this. Midnight, moonlight, Brazilian men all dressed in White, The Copacaba–a in the rain, Dom and Veuve - You can see that this combination could lead to several naughty possibilities! I was a saint...Alana was not and there are still several young men on the beach left a-gaping. The poor child returned home soaking wet and covered in bruises...and yet she was smiling and strangely coy.

It was not quite the millennium evening (also spent on a beach, wrapped in a sarong).... for example Pookie was not there but I am sure that she had them all QUITE IN HAND! The poor dear is petrified since yours Verly had her digital snap cam and...well the moon was quite bright. I just pray that she never plans to run for public office!

Well, I hope to not go this long again between newsletters but I have been so very very busy! What with my life in complete turmoil and the Singapore Government banning the sale of hair coloring. Arrgh!

Let me run! It's been so long...just know that I am here. Trudes, please wear Sunscreen! That Jordanian sun can do horrid things to that flawless complexion.

Fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars, let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars, in other words, Hold my hand! In other words, darling, Kiss ME

Very Long Verl Long-Labois!


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