Yesterday or Tomorrow


Humans are endlessly fascinating - pathetic, but fascinating in a kibble-y kind of way. They spend all their time and energy prying into each other's morals, ending in embarrassment and ridiculous hypocrisy. They ought to to have their noses slapped and be crated.

Just this week the military, having spent the past few years ruining the lives of lesbians and gays -- whose mere presence is deemed as morally "upsetting," -- has declared that its policy against heterosexual adultery is just too darned strict - especially when applied against white male generals. Why not just neuter them and solve everyone's problem. Works for me.

And in an equally pathetic revelation, Mike Bowers, the Georgia state Attorney General who successfully argued the 1986 Supreme Court case upholding anti-sodomy laws and who disqualified a lesbian from his staff in 1991 because he didn't feel she was "morally fit" to perform her duties, announced that he has been in an adulterous affair (illegal in Georgia) for the past ten years. Probably ought to neuter him too. What's that Presidential line, one strike and your snipped?

What really amazes me about humans isn't that they always fuck-up like this (I've come to expect this and late dinner); it's that they let clowns like these control their lives. Like putting a cat in charge of a kennel - total anarchy.

One could argue that the military and the Supreme Court are two of the largest influences over U.S. citizens - and (surprise, surprise!) they're being governed by a bunch of pathetic, cry-baby, hypocrites. Kind of reminds you of organized religion doesn't it? They all need a "correctional charge" collar and I'd keep them in line.

But humans love to be told what to's all that early training - sit, stand, kneel ...

Speaking of doing...

Bowel Report
Seems I've a degenerate, uhh, degenerative spinal condition. So, Trudy is wrecking my liver with steroids, but I'm solid and quite a bit more regular than necessary.

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