Episode #2

This time on BARBARA's

The next day, Barbara having sung the child to sleep, or so she thinks, awakes to the sun baking her porcelain complexion to the texture of an overdone croissant (and a massive headache). She gropes her way to consciousness with with renewed determination to make today count. She grabs her bundle of trash, which serves as her makeshift, yet functional, broom and begins to clean her little corner of heaven. The child sleeps peacefully in the corner or her box. Barbara, glowing from her exertion, gazes lovingly on the child,
"Rise and shine honey, today is the first day of the rest of your AAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!"
As it dawns on her that her little precious bit of love, is dead. Perhaps today wasn't the first day after all.

Barbara, hysterical, on the west side highway, amidst the joggers, rollerbladers, strollers, and naked boys on the pier, runs to the luxury doorman building for help. At that same time, Warren, David and Rob returning from brunch at Florent's, encounter their new best friend who seems somewhat upset.

"My darling dearest sweet sprout is dead in my box."
She collapses to the sidewalk.

The boys, all cute, wonder and worry at Barbara's performance.
"But what about the audition?"
As the boys look to Warren.

What Happens?

On The Next Episode of BARBARA's

Carmelita Pope, who hasn't signed her contract yet (something about a Winnebago and a stocked refrigerator) will hopefully guest star as the fading chanteuse recognizing Barbara's talent and save the audition by repositioning Barbara's necklace which catches on her right breast.